Saturday, February 13, 2010

D&RG's FIRST... Part one

The Denver and Rio Grande Railway Company started operations in 1871 with 76 miles of track running between Denver and Colorado Springs.

Their first locomotive was a Baldwin 2-4-0 sporting a four-wheeled tender.

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Locomotive #1 was named the "Montezuma".

The D%RG purchased four of these locomotives, #1 "Montezuma", #4 "Cortez", #6 "Ute", and #7 "Del Norte". None survived the D&RG after 1888.

The above rendition is almost complete, most details having been gathered from multiple sources, so don't go thinking that it is a 100% accurate drawing. Drawings of this nature will always be a collection of assumptions based on whatever information I can get my hands on.

But it's probably pretty close.

If I ever do batch together that book of drawings I keep yammering about, it will include a front elevation and top view.

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Steve Walden said...

Bob, these drawings are first rate! That one of the Montezuma matches everything I've seen, although I'm not as detail oriented as I like to think.

Since you're interested in Rocky Mountain Railroading, please stop by my blog. Thanks very much and have a good Sunday!

Steve Walden
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