Tuesday, February 23, 2010

THOSE DANG 4-4-0's...

While I frustratingly fish around for more information on the earliest 4-4-0's, the 1876 builds, I can at least post this unfinished drawing of the Ptarmigan, which will be re-posted later when it's finished. Pipes are unconnected, levers go nowhere, the brake system is not yet added and some other known details are missing.

left click to enlarge

The Ptarmigan, built in 1880 and numbered #88, was named after someone or something in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado, area.

The only things I can find named that today near Steamboat Springs are three motels.

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Jayavarmin ll Devaraja said...

Ptarmigan is a big beautiful white pigeon/dove-like bird that I assume lives in the Rocky Mountains. I'm detailing a FED American to look like her name's sake. I think she exuded the gaiety of the early brass era locos to a "T" and served well in passenger pulls. Thanks a ton for your work on this site as it's helping me on this project and a group of other early D&RG loco builds in HOn3. Best regards from Thailand ex California.... "retired." Paul Louis Venne, Agent D&RG Ry