Sunday, December 16, 2012


"B" sized pages, most drawings 1/4" scale

Got a proto copy of my book of AutoCad generated drawings of D&RG folio six . The pages are "B" sized, 11 x 17, so almost all the drawings are 1/4" = 1' 0" scale, or "O" gauge.

It's pretty big when opened up, over three feet across.

Included, as bonus drawings,  are some locomotive drawings from the first 2-4-0 through the C-19's,  a couple of the K-36,   locos from the Colorado Southern, the Rio Grande Southern and the Denver, South Park & Pacific.

The hard part is figuring what to do next. Seeing if such a book is even wanted by anyone is step one, and then how to get it published... if warranted.

Even if nobody else wants one, I now have the only book in the world with the greatest concentration of detailed and accurate demensional information on the  D&RG ever assembled under one cover.

This all started when I was a contest modeler in the NMRA, Rio Grande Division and badly needed good dimensional details of the models I was doing.

One of my contest models shown below took a couple years to gather enough information to build a reasonably accurate HOn3 scale model.

First place, passenger cars, 1981 RMR NMRA Denver convention.
(left click to enlarge)
As I recall, that model had over 1,000 individual pieces, all hand crafted.

Now that I have all manner of information, my eyes are too bad to do any serious modeling.

That's the way it goes.