Saturday, June 09, 2012


I've upgraded from my older version of AutoCad to AutoCad 2013, and it's a bit like picking up a book to read that's in another language... only partially understood.

In the years between versions, autodesk has changed many many features of it's product, so much so it seems a different product.

I'm sure they consider many of the changes as desirable new bells and whistles, but a lot of them just get in the way of creating a drawing up from ground zero.

The programmers at Autodesk - like so many other programmers - still need to lean the basic rule about "If it works, DON'T FIX IT"!

So, as a result, I'm spending many hours re-learning what I once knew and could use proficiently with yet another "all new and improved" update.

It's probably a better package for all the "improvements", but I'll have to learn about them before I can say they actually help. 2013 seems more like 3D Studio than an engineering drawing package.

I'll post a few more postcards to keep things running.