Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Things have been hectic to say the least this last year but have settled down to the point I can return to my K-36 drawing effort. (more of a pasttime than an effort)

I purchased a new printer-scanner-plotter, an Epson WF-7520 capable of scanning and printing B size prints. The units were on a closeout sale at one of the office supply outlets for about 20% of the list price. A real bargain, and a great unit.

Below are some "B" sized prints/scans I've been working one lately.

Underview of the K-36

Each component - or sub-assembly - are drawn on separate layers. Most of the layers are turned off in the above print.... brakes, equalizer, etc.

Pilot and snowplow top and bottom views

A bit of the K-36 pictorially

This is all done with  AutoCad 2014, a licensed version which was a gift from my son to keep me occupied. A very expensive gift, but quite appreciated.

The K-36 pictorial version is called "Shades of Gray" by AutoCad . When drawing in 3-D, using the "wire frame", the "shades of gray" is a vital viewport when trying to see where everything is located.

Below is a "wireframe", what I usually see when working a drawing.

Same as the above pictorial, with several more layers turned off.

It's next to impossible to figure out much with a 3-D wireframe.

The top two views are plotted in "hidden" mode, where any lines behind  an object are not drawn.  Also very handy when figuring our where - and what - things are

I'm working on the firebox and cab now.  The backhead is taking a LOT of time and  computer memory.

However, my computer was updated with a 2TB Hard drive, and 4G memory.

No problem.