Monday, February 07, 2011


Below is a more accurate rendition of the La Veta. The first drawing used standard D&RG library blocks I have created and have on file.

This new drawing has the correct trucks and corrected windows and window trim. Also included are the air hoses and the remaining paint trim.

This will probably remain the final version unless I find new and more accurate data.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


I was thumbing through Forney's "THE RAILROAD CAR BUILDERS PICTORIAL DICTIONARY" and ran across the below advertisement for the Billmeyer & Small Company, a late 1800's railroad car builder.

A close look shows this car to be named "La Veta" and was built for the Denver & Rio Grande.

Since all the drawings in my D&RG Folio 6 (1904 issue) has cars built from 1880 and onward, this advertisement with the date of 1876 indicates to me the La Veta was manufactured at least four years before the folio 6 entries were made.

At any rate, it had enough detail for me to draw the below rendition.

I'm presently searching for more information on this car so I can include it in my projected book of drawings. (someday)