Saturday, June 09, 2012


I've upgraded from my older version of AutoCad to AutoCad 2013, and it's a bit like picking up a book to read that's in another language... only partially understood.

In the years between versions, autodesk has changed many many features of it's product, so much so it seems a different product.

I'm sure they consider many of the changes as desirable new bells and whistles, but a lot of them just get in the way of creating a drawing up from ground zero.

The programmers at Autodesk - like so many other programmers - still need to lean the basic rule about "If it works, DON'T FIX IT"!

So, as a result, I'm spending many hours re-learning what I once knew and could use proficiently with yet another "all new and improved" update.

It's probably a better package for all the "improvements", but I'll have to learn about them before I can say they actually help. 2013 seems more like 3D Studio than an engineering drawing package.

I'll post a few more postcards to keep things running.


John said...

Any progress lately?

I was just up in Chama. Looks like they put some rust proofing paint on the hulk of 483 recently.\

I believe they had four 480's steamed up, 484, '87, '88, and '89.

Bob said...

Thanks for the update John.

Trips to Chama, Antonito or Durango are pretty much out of the picture nowadays, so information on what's new is appreciated.

Lots of things have gotten in the way of progress, but I'm almost back on track.

Had a few rather serious health issues that havebeen mostly resolved. At 74, one has to start expecting that sort of thing.

Mike McKenzie said...

Hello Bob,

Just found your blog this morning, very cool stuff. The postcards are neat but I'm really drawn to the 3D. I'm working on a K-36 (occasionally) in a program called Carrara Pro 8, a slightly different approach to 3D than AutoCad. Using the D&RGW engineering drawings available from and lots of Carlos Lamas' photos, among others.

I like your comments about why you put yourself thru the 3D pain, I've been there, but it's rewarding. If you're interested I post renders from time to time on the Narrow Gauge Discussion Forum, search 'K-36 zen'.

Mike McKenzie