Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I had decided to 3-D the pilot before tackling the backhead under the assumption that it would be easier. Seems I like to fool myself like that more and more. Turns out getting the necessary details on the construction of the pilot, the truck, the snowplow, pilot beam and the host of other little doo-dads was a real challenge.

I'm presently 3-D'ing the coupler... because I enjoy inflicting pain on myself.

Seriously, none of this has been a walk in the park, but I am getting closer to wrapping this project up.

Once again, this is just another "quickie" render, and several layers are not shown, so the snowplow assembly can be more easily seen.


John said...

Did you say you were going to publish a book with all your drawings in it eventually? Do you have any projected date for that? Looks great!

Bob said...

Soon John, soon.

There's two books of drawings I'm working on, one for the K-36, and the other a book of drawings based on the D&RG Folio Six... all the rolling stock of the day, plus a bunch of random locomotive drawings.

Does take time, tho.

Every time I do a "final" edit, I find another error or two, and if it's in a measurement, it can take weeks to remedy.