Wednesday, January 04, 2012


This is - of course - more of the K-36. The picture is a "quickie" render without all the added point lights to improve contrast and shadow.

Those steampipes from the superheater manifold, what with all those twists and turns, were pretty tricky. They're not perfect, but close enough.

The CAD file is getting huge. 3-D files - if they have a decent number of isolines, get big in a hurry.(Isolines determine the smoothness of a curved surface.)


Unknown said...

Hi, I heard that the K-36's were delivered to the D&RG with Vauclain compound cylinders but they required too much maintenance so they were converted to simple by the D&RG... Do you know what that would've involved, mechanically? From your drawings (which, frankly, are the best views of the innards of the K-36 I've seen) it's not real clear how this would've been accomplished, if it was easy or hard.

Bob said...

First I've heard of it... I'll do some research.

John said...

Maybe it's the K-27's I'm thinking of.

CabooseKid said...

You are thinking of the K-27's. They were converted to simple within a few years of purchase