Sunday, December 16, 2012


"B" sized pages, most drawings 1/4" scale

Got a proto copy of my book of AutoCad generated drawings of D&RG folio six . The pages are "B" sized, 11 x 17, so almost all the drawings are 1/4" = 1' 0" scale, or "O" gauge.

It's pretty big when opened up, over three feet across.

Included, as bonus drawings,  are some locomotive drawings from the first 2-4-0 through the C-19's,  a couple of the K-36,   locos from the Colorado Southern, the Rio Grande Southern and the Denver, South Park & Pacific.

The hard part is figuring what to do next. Seeing if such a book is even wanted by anyone is step one, and then how to get it published... if warranted.

Even if nobody else wants one, I now have the only book in the world with the greatest concentration of detailed and accurate demensional information on the  D&RG ever assembled under one cover.

This all started when I was a contest modeler in the NMRA, Rio Grande Division and badly needed good dimensional details of the models I was doing.

One of my contest models shown below took a couple years to gather enough information to build a reasonably accurate HOn3 scale model.

First place, passenger cars, 1981 RMR NMRA Denver convention.
(left click to enlarge)
As I recall, that model had over 1,000 individual pieces, all hand crafted.

Now that I have all manner of information, my eyes are too bad to do any serious modeling.

That's the way it goes.


John said...

How can I get a copy?!

Bob said...


It depends on how easily and inexpensively I can get these things printed.

Still checking that out.

John said...

Thanks. I would be interested in a one-off book if a large print run is not feasible. Have you been in touch with the Friends of the C&T at all? I think they've helped publish some books like this before (there's one on snow removal equipment and operations for example).

Also would you have any interest in selling a large-ish print (or the DXF file) of an erecting card view of a K-36? I'd like to make a wall-hanging. Thanks!

Stephen Balkum said...

I would definitely be interested in your work, especially around the K-36. There is definitely desire for this level of detail of that loco and other D&RG locos in the live steam community. Live Steam Magazine is starting a multi-year series on building the K-27 and the interest is huge in the hobby. However, many are asking about the K-36.

Bob said...

A one by three foot erection print of the K36 is in the works.

Perhaps a few frame drawings would tickle your fancy.

See the latest posts.

John said...

That is really exciting, congratulations! Did you ever get in touch with the Friends of the Cumbres & Toltec to assist with publishing? I am sure they would be very enthusiastic about publishing your fantastic work. Let me know if there's any way to get a print. Thanks! --John

John said...

Any updates?

Brian said...

Hello Bob,

Great work!

Any updates on your K-36 drawings?


Bob said...

Sorry for the delays John...

Much has happened in our personal lives that have put a halt to most of the work here. Cancer and a massive stroke suffered by a family member, two fractured vetabra, a brown recluse spider bite, a bout of MRSA, a UTI requiring hospitalization, and a few other various and sundry misfortunes. All of this experienced by either myself or my wife.
On top of all that is the worry about this "affordable" care act that is causing such uproar and apprehension in the medical community.
But things have settled down a bit.... I am back home now, but wife is in a rehab center trying to overcome the effects of the stroke. I visit every other day - a 60 mile trip - so just about everything is now centered on just how much gasoline I can burn monthly before the money runs out.
Thank goodness for the computer, I can once again concentrate on my drawings.
I'll post a few of the new one.

John said...

Bob sorry to hear about all your troubles this past year but glad to hear you're back. Actually my father out of the blue bought me an brass HOn3 K-36 model for Christmas and I thought it'd be really neat to get him a large erecting card print in return. So I guess I'm still wondering if there's any way to purchase some decent sized prints of your beautiful work? Best, --John