Monday, February 15, 2010

D&RG's FIRST... Part three

These next three locomotives #8,#9 and #10, had larger fireboxes and wheelbases then the previous 2-6-0's. Note the rear drivers are placed further back than on locomotives #2,#3 and #5. They were still considered as Class 35 locomotives, since the boiler and the engines were still identical.

A larger firebox only meant that these locomotives could generate steam faster, and that they would be less likely to literally "run out of steam" on hard pulls.

These three, built in 1872, were #8, the "Arkansas", #9, the "Huerfano" and # 10, the "San Carlos".

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The tenders were now larger, and the rear pedestal-mounted wheels have been replaced with a standard pivoting four-wheel truck.

Although the D&RG had purchased Westinghouse air brake assemblies during this time, I have no information about which locomotives were so equipped.

If anybody out there knows, I would appreciate the information so the appropriate drawings can be updated.

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