Sunday, February 14, 2010

D&RG's FIRST... Part two

The D&RG Railway Company's locomotive roster for the first year of operation consisted of seven units. Four were the 2-4-0's shown further below, and three were 2-6-0's, shown immediately below.
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The three 2-6-0's were #2 "Tabawachi", #3 "Shou-Wa-No", and #5 Ouray".

These units had no air brakes... No air pump, no air storage tank or piping, no brake shoes. None of that started happening until the following year, 1872, when the D&RG started purchasing air-brake systems directly from Westinghouse.

All seven of these locomotives sported a minuscule four-wheeled tender which lacked such basics as rear boarding steps, handgrabs, tender ladders and back-up lights.

But they were painted up really fancy.

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