Tuesday, February 16, 2010

D&RG's FIRST... Part six

The D&RW wandered afar for this next locomotive, an English-built 0-4-4-0T Vulcan Farlie. Originally used to pull coal trains from South Pueblo to Divide, it was re-assigned to La Veta Pass as a helper. The very limited quantities of coal and water it could carry is most likely the reason the D&RG did not buy more than one of these units.

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When the conventional numbering system overtook the number 101, the number was changed to 1001.

The locomotive underwent many modifications. One headlamp and one bell was removed. The steps near the engines were removed. The cab was "winterized" with several of the windows boarded up and doors installed. An additional and higher capacity water transfer pipe was added between the two tanks. Two coal bunkers were added, both going across the entire top of the tanks and boilers.

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Imagine having to shovel coal from one of those bunkers in the middle of winter on La Veta Pass.

If ever there was a locomotive the D&RG should have saved for prosperity, this would have been it.

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