Thursday, February 18, 2010

D&RG's FIRST... Part seven

No locomotives were purchased in 1875, primarily a result of the financial panic which started in 1873.

Four new Baldwin Class 40 2-6-0's were ordered in 1876, #13, #14, #15, and #19. They were again slightly larger than the previous 2-6-0's, but did not have the second steam dome.

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These locomotives were the first to come with two-truck, eight-wheeled tenders.

Names were still being applied to motive power:

#13: "Santa Clara"
#14: "Chicosa"
#15: "Raton"
#19: "Monte Cristo"

None of these drawings are in any way finished. I anticipate upgrading and correcting them often as more information is gathered.

If anyone has photos, drawings, sketches, or measurements on any of these locomotives and does not mind sharing, make a comment indicating so and I'll forward you my e-mail address.

Keep in mind any information offered may be presented publicly in this blog and possibly later publications. Credit for information will be given to whomever offered it. I will update these drawings with any new information that is usable, an easy task for computer-generated drawings.

My intention is to compile and present the most accurate information possible before we all bite the dust and take whatever knowledge of these mountain railroads we have with us.

Too many fantastic lifelong collections of photographs and memorabilia have been carelessly tossed away by unknowing or disinterested family members who thought that Dad's collection of train junk was just that... Junk.

In my view, it is the information that is important, not who had it stashed away.

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