Saturday, January 16, 2010


Did you know that the General, built in December of 1855, was originally a tank locomotive, a 4-4-0-T, no tender?*

It's original stack was a Radley and Hunter balloon type designed for burning wood.

A bit of technical info:

Original cost $8,850.

Empty weight 50,300 lbs.

130 flues, each 11' long, 2" diameter.

The leading truck had a rigid center.

Original cylinders 15" diameter, 22" stroke.

Driving wheels 60" diameter.

Horsepower was betwween 220 and 254 HP, depending on steam pressure.

It had no water injectors. Instead, it had ram type pumps powered by the crossheads.

The below photograph is of engine #3, Serial #631, built by Rogers, Ketchun & Grosvenor, but certainly not a builders photo, since it sports an added-on tender.

Where - and how - was the water tank and wood bunker installed originally? I have found no detailed information yet of the locomotive in its original configuration.

*I have found only one article describing engine #3 as a tank engine, so this may be incorrect.

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Carvin' Tom said...

I looking to build a model of the General but I need to find some good dimensional drawings. Do you know where I can find a set?

Thanks in advance.