Sunday, January 10, 2010


Had a computer crash awhile back and am just now getting to the Iron Horse and restoring it to something similar to what it was.

The DRGW Ring info at the bottom is giving me fits, unless this is the new look Holmes wants.

Anywho, work on drawings has continued. Below is my rendition(unfinished) of the Baker Passenger Car heater, which will be in the "Car interior" section of the upcoming book, along with its associated piping layout throughout the car.

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Carvin' Tom said...

I am trying to find drawings or good photos of "The General" (of great locomotive chase fame). I want to make a model of the loco and I would like to keep it as "original" as possible. I have been wearing Google out looking for info but none of it shows enough detail of the "plumbing", the drive rods, brakes etc. or if they do the photo shows "modern" additions.
Do you know where I can find such info?

Thanks in advance

Bob said...

I'll get right on it there , Carvin Tom.