Thursday, September 01, 2011


I've added more to the backhead while at the same time some pipes and fittings have been moved a bit to aid visualization of how and where things are going.

After looking over a lot of my notes and photos of various K-36's, I'm not a bit concerned if what I show is not like any particular locomotive. Seems all of the locos were plumbed any old way handy. My only concern at this point is to make certain (as possible) that the connections are correct.

The backhead so far:
left click to enlarge

I have now positioned it in reference to the cab and frame since many of the items to be added are cab or floor mounted, such as the now added Johnson Bar.

There are still lots of pipes and outlets going nowhere, and the throttle lever is just an outline for position.

The side elevations are coming along... Although a bit slower.

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