Monday, February 16, 2009


While researching the C Class locomotives, I ran across some info on a particular C-19, number 345, one of the ten D&RG locomotives in the class. It was leased to the Colorado & Southern, and for a time sported a Ridgway smokestack assembly which was a unique feature of the C&S locomotives.

Thus 345, for a while, became a Rocky Mountain oddity... a locomotive with a Ridgway stack - a C&S icon - and a tender labeled "Denver & Rio Grande Western. Turns out the C&S leased three Class C-19's from the D&RGW, 343, 345 and 346.

I have pretty good dimensional and mechanical information on the C-19's(see 341 further below), so finding the photo of 345 in it's C&S livery prompted the below drawing.

(left-click to enlarge)

There are piping, tender and other small details that are different between the two locomotives, but I have no idea if these differences are the result of the D&RGW changing things, of whether the C&S altered many of these details to suit their own preferences during maintenance and repair.

Since I'm presently concentrating on the early years of 1870 through 1886 and the locomotives purchased and used during that period from the 25N to the first C-16's, these C-19 drawings are not a part of the project, out of sequence, done for the fun of it, and will probably never see the light of day again.

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