Monday, February 02, 2009


In 1873, the Denver & Rio Grande Railway Company ordered their first Vulcan 0-4-4-0, an English made four-cylinder Fairlie design locomotive.

This photo, found on the Internet, is one of only three known photographs to survive.

Robert A. LeMassena's book, "Rio Grande To The Pacific", shows a similar photo taken at the manufacturers before delivery, but neither photo is of sufficient quality to make out almost any undercarriage details.

Makes my drawing of this oddity look pretty skimpy. I'll bet that - somewhere - in old dusty and almost forgotten photo collections, are pictures taken by all manner of folks in which this locomotive was in the background. Since the D&RG used this engine on the east side of La Veta pass, I'd wager that Colorado locals on outings and picnic jaunts took a few of those photos.

I'd like to get my hands on them(the photos) before they disappear forever, tossed out into the trash by some uncaring and uninterested offspring.

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Andrew Yeardley said...

I have one of these photographs, framed and in very good condition; if anyone would like to contact me: