Sunday, December 14, 2008


Lots of folks don't realize that the C&TSRR locomotive #463 is with us today because of the "singing cowboy" movie actor Gene Autry. Way back when, Autry purchased 463 and at a later date, donated it to the village of Antonito, who put it on display... sort of.

I recall when - after the Cumbres & Toltec was up and running - the village decided they could get a piece of the action by having 463 refurbished and put into service.

Turned out - among many other problems - that the boiler needed re-fluing, a $60,000 job all by itself, so the idea died the death of many a locomotive refurbishing project. Then followed a long period of chit-chat between the C&T and Antonito, after which 463 finally ended up in the Chama shop.

Wife and I went to Chama and got a few photos of 463 while it was being re-built. I say a "few photos" because you never get enough.

Everybody has photos like the one above, but I like the ones that take some effort to get, particularly since I use them to make scale drawings.

For example, a bit of brake hanger detail:

Notice that this main driver has a cast-in counter weight, in addition to the outside-frame counter weight we're all familiar with.

Or the front flue sheet:

Note my ever-present yard stick. Kindly ignore the southern exposure of my north-headed wife.

And of course, the obligatory souvenir of the big day:


Ron Vierling said...

The picture of the frame, you can not see the measurments. Where did you get the drawings.

Ron Vierling said...

Need to know the measurements of the frame.