Friday, December 05, 2008


Below is a Denver & Rio Grande/Western Pacific schedule in use during July-August of 1917.

Found this item at a small town Texas auction and got it for ten bucks. Had it been a Colorado town, I'll bet ten bucks would have only started the bidding.

Below is a part of the schedule through portions of Nevada and Utah.

A D&RG modeler wanting some unusual names for for water stops can find a host of them here... Pronto, Pardo, Tobar, Shafter, Silver Zone.

The historical information about each stop is fascinating and in many cases, most likely long forgotten data. For example, Shafter had a RR link to Ely, Nevada, a 140 mile leg, and made a connection with the Nevada Northern Railroad.

Look at the notes about Delle. Now you know where Up Skull Valley was, and why it was named that way.

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