Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Those of you following this blog are aware of my wife's health challenges and how it has affected my drawing projects. Sadly, she passed away this year on June 24th, two days after our 42nd anniversary.

Handling all the myriad details after a death in the family is mind-boggling, particularly when you have always assumed  you would be the first to go and not have to worry about all those details. Fortunately for me, my son and his wife have been life-savers for me through all this.

Things are pretty much settled down now, and my son has been quite active in seeing what is needed to get these books and drawings published.  Hopefully, all the hurdles will be overcome soon.

Keep your fingers crossed.

In memory of better days and better times.

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Jayavarmin ll Devaraja said...

Angels happen. I'm thanking her now for her gift to me. Slap me if I ever say again that I have no friends. Now back to trains with another thanks. Paul V in Thailand.