Wednesday, April 06, 2016


I've got things under control enough now to do a bit of work on the K-36 3-D drawings. Below is a bit of the plumbing on the backhead.

Some details of the K-36 backhead

Included here is the water column and it's three drains, the brake valve, the firedoor, and the two glass indicators. Much is left out for clarity, but most of it is on other drawings layers turned off at the time.

This plumbing is just plain a mess to replicate on paper, particularly in 3-D, but one  pipe at a time and sooner or later, it gets finished.

Working from photos like the below doesn't make the job any easier.

Not as complicated as it first looks

As I've said before, none of these locomotives are plumbed the same way, having been repaired willy-nilly over time at different shops and highly dependent on the financial health of the railroad at the time, so what I am ending up with is drawings that shows plumbing routes that can be quite different from anything you may see on a particular locomotive, but it will exist on another.

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Jayavarmin ll Devaraja said...

Nice to see a cab floor for a change. Thanks, Paul