Thursday, June 12, 2014


I've been working on 3-D component drawings for the K-36 backhead, the latest being the brake valve.

The K-36 brake valve so far. Plumbing problems 
off of every port.

All the K-36 locomotives had essentially the same equipment on the backhead and were probably plumbed the same by Baldwin when the locomotives were manufactured.

However, over the years, as the locos were repaired in various maintenance shops, at different times and by different mechanics, each locomotive took on its own unique arrangement of pipes, tubes and fittings. sometimes keeping closely to the original configurations, other times they pretty much cobbled together anything that would keep the locomotive running, particularity during times of financial stress, something the railroad experienced over and over.

I have photographic records of five of the ten K-36 backheads, and for certain none of the five resemble each other.

What to do? I can't draw up all five versions, too much time would be needed. And those versions probably only existed until the locomotives next visit to the shop. What would be nice would be to depict the backhead as Baldwin originally manufactured them.

I would like to find a photograph or accurate drawing of the "as built" backhead. I've been looking, but so far no luck. I'm sure there are a few photos out there in private collections, but my past experience with owners of these collections indicates that actually being able to borrow and use such a photo is, well... not very likely, and I have neither the time nor resources to go research various State and local libraries and museums for information that may or may not be there.

If I have no luck in finding some reliable information,  I will most likely use - from each backhead - what seems to be the most likely and reasonable path and fittings for the plumbing.

This is not a solution I am very happy with, but one that may be necessary if I ever intend to finish this project.


Robert R. said...

Have you made anymore progress on your K-36 drawings? I just discovered your blog and are very interested on how far you have got.

Bob said...

Hello Robert R.

Serious medical problems with a family member has kept me away from drawing for some time now.

Time - a vital commodity I need to research and verify the things I am drawing - has been consumed by medical emergencies such as cancer, a broken back and a massive stroke.

I do intend to complete the K-36 drawings, but I have to clue at the present time as to when.

Robert R. said...

Thank you very much for the reply, I am interested in your project, as I wish to have good drawings to use in making a 5" scale version for 15" gauge track. I model in SolidWorks.