Saturday, April 04, 2009


I have quite a few postcards that were distributed by the railroad companies themselves, and will show a few from time to time.

Below is a typical example from the Burlington Northern.

(left click to enlarge)
Unanticipated bonus: Listed is the typical consist of both passenger trains, plus, it's a souvenir of a World's Fair. Which Fair? No idea. This particular card (it says) one was handed out from the Burlington's Postal Car at the World's Fair. However, most of the cards I have that were passed out from an RPO(Rural Post Office) were also dated and cancelled.


Randy said...

Bob, the "Century of Progress" was the 1933/34 world fair held in Chicago, at which the Burlington's Pioneer Zephyr was also introduced. Since your postcard does not have the Zephyr (which was on display during the summer of 1934) I think it's from 1933.

Bob said...

Thanks randy...

Every bit of info helps!